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Our Agenda

I am sensitive to the needs of our community and have a vision for our advancement!


Is a top priority because our children’s future is our top priority. We must provide them with the necessary tools to succeed such as smaller class sizes, newly constructed facilities, and access to wrap around community services. Our teachers and support staff also deserve higher salaries and should be as diverse as the student population.


Health Care

Must be available, affordable, and accessible to everyone, especially rural communities. I will fight for rural access to tele-health.



Deserve the dignity to age in place and have easy access to the services needed as pillars in our community.


Public Safety

Is our responsibility and is vital to long term community development and sustainability. We will work to increase collaboration between communities and law enforcement officers to implement a vision of safety for all members of the community.



Must be addressed. I will fight for the funding to deliver the drivable, bikable, and walkable roads, streets, and sidewalks we deserve. We will also fight for the continued expansion of broadband. 

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